Coronavirus: Anxiety, Prevention, & Practice

Coronavirus: Anxiety, Prevention, & Practice

CORONAVIRUS: Know the facts.  There’s so much misinformation out there – get correct facts online only from and – please heed warnings and practice prevention. 

Younger people and children may be infected and not show any symptoms at all – but are still contagious.  Most people who become infected will get better without hospitalization; however, practice prevention so you don’t infect others who can put a strain on hospitals and equipment and could die, especially if they have a compromised immune system.  Our hospitals are NOT equipped to handle thousands of patients requiring ICU, quarantine, or specialized care all at once.

CDC and WHO both tell us that the virus is here and will get worse, infecting thousands of people The goal is not to stop the virus from coming – it’s too late for that. The goal is to eliminate the spike of new patients who can face hospitalization and/or death. The burden on our healthcare system can be crippling, with demand for beds and specialized equipment needed to treat patients and protect hospital staff far exceeding supply.

Please don’t put others at risk. Some reports say those over age 60 should only leave home if there’s a critical need and that responsible people will limit contact to immediate family only.

Gaining a sense of control helps reduce anxiety.  Do that by being proactive and practicing prevention by hand washing ; limit contact with others; and keep structure and schedules at home. 

Many clinicians may consider using Telehealth to provide services.  Be aware that the State of Florida has specific rules for provision of Telehealth.  Clinicians MAY NOT USE PHONES THAT ARE AUDIO ONLY; and may not use email and/or fax. These standards require a Florida license and provide that the standards of care shall remain the same regardless of whether healthcare services are provided in person or by Telehealth. Know the law in order to protect yourself and your clients.

For more information on Florida Laws and Rules governing mental health professionals, please consider our course below.