Registered Interns In Private Practice Settings

Registered Interns In Private Practice Settings

Florida law requires that a licensed mental health professional, as approved by the Board, be physically present on the premises when clinical services are provided by a registered intern in a private practice setting (FL Statute 491).  The licensed mental health professional may or may not be the registered intern’s actual Board approved clinical supervisor.

A registered intern earning a license in clinical social work, marriage & family therapy or mental health counseling must be under the supervision of a Board approved clinical supervisor when providing clinical services.   The intern may provide services on or off the same premises as the intern’s approved clinical supervisor and the approved clinical supervisor does not have to be the same person as the supervisor where the registered intern is employed.  If a registered intern provides services in a private-practice setting, although the intern’s own clinical supervisor does not have to be there, a licensed mental health professional – as determined by the FL Board – must be physically on the premises whenever services are provided by the intern.

Remember, legislative intent in Florida is to protect the public.  If the registered intern finds him or herself in a situation where the client expresses suicidal ideation, for example, it is vital that a licensed mental health professional be present to assure that the client is provided appropriate clinical services.  The licensed mental professional MUST be Board approved and may be a licensed psychiatrist, licensed psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, licensed marriage & family therapist, or licensed mental health counselor.

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